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Tyler, Lark & Co. Biography

In 2007 a US Navy Marine Corpsman Medic and potter, Tyler, "rescued" teacher and self taught painter/sculptor Lark's trapped high heel from where it had become wedged late one night in a club on the island of Guam, off the coast of Japan in Micronesia. What they found in each other was an innate ability to collaboratively be "in the zone." Hours felt like minutes whether they were discussing literature or politics, soaking in nature, flora and fauna, and eventually creating together. In 2010, after eloping in Las Vegas that summer, they were finishing school and working multiple jobs when they first started collaborating their crafts as gifts. Both primarily self taught jack of all trade hobbyists often mentally vacationed themself in various mediums that time hardly allowed but what they quickly discovered were creations that were both story like and enticing but also uniquely showcasing their collaborative years of cultivating those skills. Within a year, they were invited the 2012 Seattle Home and Garden show and shortly to thereafter many national and international shows in museums and galleries across the country and published worldwide all out of their enclosed mouse infested patio that always grew mushrooms with the original 1963 Crest Kiln that Tyler used since high school.  After a life changing accident in 2016 that left Tyler bed bound for the better part of a year, then needing several surgeries for his damaged spine, they relocated their family from their home in the Point Defiance area of the Pacific Northwest to Lark's childhood home outside Phoenix just before Covid. While they have been navigating these seas of contemporary life, family and household, investing their time into their art and establishing and expanding their studio to better share it with their community while powering their voices towards causes and concepts they are passionate about has been their foundation for their ambition. Nature inspired, creating through connection. arts and crafts skills. We have a large selection of free classes and workshops as well as paid courses for makers with all levels of experience.

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