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Lost at Sea Front.jpg

Where the wind caresses your skin on warm balmy days,

With sunbeam kisses and waves

enveloping your ankles in gentle salty embrace, truly present in the moment lays the foundation of all creation. Where artists and poets are molded from earths clay for just a second that is brought to life in creative inspiration from the beauty that surrounds and is celebrated by their imagination echoing timelessly fostering that connection with earth and all humanity. This is where our dreams and hopes reside and where we strive to bring central our community and nature inspired art. We pause to create and connect through creating in the stillness that art etches for a mere moment in time that echos for eternity. 

 Collaboratively we have been creating since 2010, ever evolving and growing together in both skill and voice for over a decade. Our process uses sustainable and elemental compounds that build on science with a poetry of results in color and shape leant towards campaigns we align with.

Point Defiance Pottery Statement: Welcome
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