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Tyler Lark & Co.

Our Crafty Tribe

Meet the Team: Meet the Team

Tyler Sundsmo


Tyler Sundsmo is a lifetime potter and sculptor who is gaining his patience in glazing every day. Full time nurse by day, he moonlights where he can bringing years of experience, creativity and engineering to all their collaborations. Full of stories and jokes, Tyler heads our marketing, reaching out to the community and making friends wherever he goes.

Lark Sundsmo


Lark Sundsmo is a painter, sculptor, and baby potter, about 6 years into wheel ceramics she brings whimsy and imagination into all her projects. Self taught web creator, she does most of the running and operating at Point Defiance Pottery, when she's not busy running a household and raising highly creative kids.


& Co.

Our Creative Inspiration

These guys add color and depth to life in ways unimagined. Alaina, Vince, Ally and all our furry and feathered friends ensure our house is never a dull moment. All are welcome and we enjoy the constant celebration of life.

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