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Permission to Experiment

The most reacuring topic of late for me has been giving myself permission to experiment. When I say experiment I mean get in there, get your hands dirty and come up with something that might really suck. Something that might fail terribly and possibly make you feel a little guilty with how much of your precious supplies you might have wasted (is it really wasted though?)

In the book "Making Art, Making Money" by Elizabeth Stevens about the life and career of Jim Henson she describes Jim Henson's attitude towards his crafts, in a nut shell, it's all time logged. When we take the pressure of making something amazing and exert that potential towards "seeing what happens when" we adopt a more playful approach to learning, one where we aren't punished or deserving of punishment for whatever outcome, but instead rewarded with knowledge of "what happens when..." We suddenly are struck with more and more ideas of things to try to play and see what happens when we change small and great things alike. In all art we are rewarded in turn with absolutely great results but we much appreciate the process in which we fail to meet our standards or expectations as it is through this process we build ourselves closer to "what happens when" we make something great.

I hope you take time today to experiment, or even fail. Happy crafting!

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